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Parent Teacher Organizations


Simplify Program Management and Payment Collection

With CommunityPass, you can collect dues and contributions, run enrichment programs, and manage your organization’s finances – all online. Our simple “Pay-as-you-Go” model allows you to get started without making a large financial investment in new software. CommunityPass is simple to use and it’s easy to train incoming volunteers from year to year.

Collect Dues and Fees Online
Collect Dues and Fees Online
Automated, Organized Reports
Automated, Organized Reports
Expand Event Opportunities
Expand Event Opportunities

Enable Parents to Pay Online

  • Collect dues, fees or donations
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Allow parents to sign up and pay from anywhere

Increase Enrichment Program Revenue

  • Expand fundraiser & special event opportunities
  • Increase program participation and awareness
  • Minimize or eliminate uncollected fees
  • Solicit additional donations with each registration

Low Cost & Easy to Use

  • Convenient Pay-As-You-Go pricing
  • Option for no up front costs
  • Clear, automated, organized reports
  • Simple transition from year to year

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