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Simplify Management of Your Centers

CommunityPass is your complete solution specifically designed to meet the needs of centers today. Whether you run one or twenty locations, CommunityPass will help you streamline your centers’ operations with ease. We provide state-of-the-art center management tools to facilitate a better customer experience, increase revenue, and build your community.

Center & Membership Management
Center & Membership Management
Facility Rentals
Facility Rentals

Front Desk Staff

Keep Your Front Desk Organized & Efficient

  • Attendant scanning ID cards at check-in
  • Allow drop-ins, multi-visit passes, daily admissions
  • Manage point-of-sale

Free Up Your Staff

  • Fast check-in with self-service kiosk
  • Secure facility access with membership ID card

Make life easier for your families and staff

Center Program Managers

Simplify Center Membership Management

  • Eliminate paper-based registrations with online membership, activity and class registration
  • Accept online payment with TogetherPay payment processing
  • Provide custom, barcoded ID cards with photo
  • Secure member data

Manage Reservations & Rentals For Any Number of Facilities

  • Easy to schedule facilities online
  • Allow online public request and internal rental of buildings, rooms, fields and more
  • Eliminate costly double bookings

Start reducing your paperwork today.

Center Directors

Increase Usage of Your Centers

  • Get more members through your doors with targeted email and text messaging
  • Send renewal announcements electronically
  • Display digital signage with RSS feed

Gain Real Time Insights Into Your Community

  • Know who is on site at all times
  • Identify membership, program and attendance trends with Report Builder & Designer
  • Manage inventory with point-of-sale

Start growing your revenue today.

Ready To Give CommunityPass a Try?

Running a center involves many moving parts from registration and facility rentals to instructor scheduling and member management. CommunityPass recreation software is all you need to manage the day-to-day operations of your center.